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Strata is the  Management Company for The Woolshed Apartments in  Havelock North.

Lynn Cormack is the Senior Body Corporate Manager for Strata whom I  deal with in my role as the Chairperson for the committee elected to  look after the interests of the Woolshed Apartment owners.

I was thrown in at the deep end late 2020 and asked to take the  position of Chairperson for three months till the AGM. I was elected  at the 2021 March AGM as Chairperson (against my will) and have now  been  in the role for  the last 12 months. I knew nothing of  how a BC operated and was very apprehensive and bewildered at the  prospect of it all and felt very lost until Lynn Cormack came to my  aid.  Lynn has been amazing, always so very helpful, going above and  beyond for anything I have asked of her, advising me of BC procedures  and advising me on how to deal with many issues, no matter how big or  small they are.

Lynn took over the running of the AGM and handled it in a very  professional upfront manner.  Lynn helped me prepare for the 2021 AGM  as I was unsure how to organise it.

Lynn’s experience and knowledge is amazing.

I personally cannot thank Lynn enough for all her help in guiding me  through a couple of very hard & trying issues this year.

Thanks a million Lynn, you are a gem

Barb Turner (Chairperson BC 362397)

“The De Vere on Tennyson Body Corporate has employed the services of Strata Title Administration Limited as our Body Corporate Secretary since February 2014 following selection via an open tender process. During this time, three members of the Strata Team have fulfilled the obligations and activities set out in our contract as Body Corporate Secretary. In addition the Auckland based office team ensures that all payments and approvals are actively managed on behalf of the Body Corporate.


We have found the whole Strata Title team to be very professional, attending to matters quickly and bringing their considerable expertise for the benefit of all Owners. The Strata Title team are very responsive to the Body Corporate Committee’s needs, providing advice when requested and on occasion before even the question has been asked; timely provision of all reports, minutes and financial statements throughout the year. The Body Corporate takes comfort from the fact that Strata Title has their trust account audited on an on-going basis and the availability of an on-line Portal available to all Owners and Committee Members ensures that we all have up to date information at our fingertips.


In the 17 odd years this Body Corporate has been in place, we’ve found Strata Title Administration Ltd to be the most effective Body Corporate Secretary. The De Vere on Tennyson Body Corporate is happy to provide verbal reference checks should they be requested. I can be contacted via email at Jedlam55@Gmail.com

David Udy (Body Corporate Chairperson)

“I am happy to provide a testimonial for Strata who have been managing our property and body corporate matters promptly and professionally without any conflicts or disagreements over the last 10 years. They are always available to resolve any issues that may arise and have an outstanding working relationship with the Committee. The staff are courteous and helpful and have been a great assistance to me in my role as Chairman, making the job both enjoyable and rewarding. Their knowledge and interpretation of legislation, along with their advice, has placed us in an extremely strong financial position.

We are confident that Strata:
– maintain our investment to the highest standards;
– explain our rights and obligations;
– ensure maintenance work is completed promptly and to a high standard;
– respond to phone calls promptly and regularly update the committee on all outstanding issues
We have peace of mind knowing that our legal responsibilities are being met and I would have no hesitation recommending them to others”
Sheryl Davidson (Body Corporate Chairperson)

“I would strongly recommend Strata’s services to any Body Corporate who is considering changing secretary and appointing Strata as their secretary. Some of the points which I liked about Strata are
1) timely answering of questions
2) transparency in managing our Trust Funds
3) giving proper advice as and when needed to the Body Corporate
4) professionalism in the way the Body Corporate managers handle the Body Corporate meetings.”  Kamla

“I have been on our committee for two years and Chairman for the last period. Strata Title have in my opinion been outstanding in the service they provide as our Body Corp Managers. During this last term as Chairman I have interacted with Lynn Cormack, who has been professional in every respect when dealing with our issues relative to maintaining our facility in good order. Lynn is a well of information and always helpful to resolve issues. Happy to recommend Strata Title and Lynn Cormack”.   Ray 

“Strata is our BC management company and Wendy Baker has just taken over supporting our BC.  Wendy’s performance to date has been excellent – responsive, knowledgeable, personable, firm and fair.  I was deeply impressed with her chairing of our AGM recently.  Although Wendy has only recently taken over our management, she came into the AGM fully up to speed.  I spoke to her at the end of the meeting complimenting her on her exemplary chairing.  Her preparation was beyond reproach – everything at her fingertips, full understanding of all issues, ability to make changes to motions and calculations on the fly, intimate knowledge of appropriate meeting process and much more.  She chaired efficiently and fairly, allowing discussion when needed but moving the meeting process at a good clip, leaving no-one still needing to discuss issues.  We finished a huge and complex agenda pretty much on time.  And Wendy was gracious and respectful, thanking people for challenges and acknowledging them for raising their concerns.  This was meeting facilitation at its very best”.  Linda

“Our Body Corporate has had some problematic issues to deal with and Strata has handled these with extreme tact and very efficiently and effectively. Their advice has been invaluable and we have had good outcomes to some long standing problems which had been causing us a great deal of concern. They are continuing to guide the committee through the remaining problems. I can assure you that they handle all queries quickly and very professionally. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any other Body Corporate. Owner and committee member in a residential Body Corporate.” Helen

“I am the current I am the current Chairman of BC179319 in Mount Wellington and was elected in 2016 despite having no previous Body Corporate experience. The committee were also relatively inexperienced but together we wanted to ensure the BC was run professionally and met all its obligations. It was therefore crucial to be aligned with a professional Body Corporate Manager who could provide the right advice, support and direction first time. My committee and I cannot speak highly enough of Lynn Cormack, who was assigned to us in 2016. She has been one of the most professional advisors the BC has worked with and has ensured that any requests and or issues are responded to promptly and efficiently. The relationship we have is one we value and I am confident that my committee and I have only benefited from the experience”.   Simon 

“Strata’s staff are knowledgeable when it comes to administering our Body Corporate particularity when it comes to advising the Body Corporate on its rules and legislation under which our Body Corporate operates. My initial involvement with Strata was with Phillip Lockyer in 2006/7 when he was Strata’s property manager assigned to manage our Body Corporate. However when Phillip moved into his marketing role Paul Roux took over the position and we have continued to receive first class representation. From my experience, I would have no hesitation recommending Paul Roux and Strata to administer your Body Corporate. Owner and committee member in a 67 unit residential/retail Body Corporate in Wellington.” Ray

“I would personally recommend using Strata as your Body Corporate secretary. Strata’s financial management and willingness to find ways to save the Body Corporate money is commendable. Also their knowledge on Body Corporate matters is extensive. Owner and committee member in a 36 unit residential Body Corporate.” Jigar

“Both the committee and I found Strata to be professional and efficient in every aspect of their role, and have been thankful for Strata’s guidance and their reasonable administration fees since their appointment. More over we find that their managing of Trust Funds are more transparent as compared to the other Body Corporate secretary we have dealt with in the past. I would undoubtedly recommend Strata’s service to any Body Corporate which is considering appointing Strata as their secretary. Owner and committee member in a 10 unit residential body corporate.”  Ravi

“That’s wonderful thank you Dale. I have to say that over the 15 years or so I’ve owned the Soho apartment I have found Strata Title to be exemplary and consider it a real selling point worth advertising.”  Jacky